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The Southern Border Sniper Threat – Warning to all

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This is too important not to say something about it. The drug cartels are very heavily armed with weapons purchased from foreign governments. They have spent billions of dollars to hire an army of thugs and equip them with all manner of military gear. The drug cartels are on the verge of challenging the government of Mexico for full control of the country. A full scale civil war could break out in Mexico at any moment with a death toll far exceeding the 23,000 murders committed along the border in the past two years. A civil war would spill over into the US. Millions of Mexicans would rush the border in an attempt to escape the carnage. The cartels army’s could easily overwhelm American Law Enforcement because they are far greater in numbers and because they have heavy weapons that no American LE agency has.

The US has thousands of well armed troops on the border of Germany to protect the Germans and Western Europe from invasion. We have thousands of well armed troops on the Northern border of South Korea to protect that country from invasion. Why do we use armed troops to protect the borders of other countries but we will not protect our own borders even in the face of a looming civil war, human smuggling, millions of tons of drug trafficking, and an invasion which has greatly contributed to our nation being on the verge of financial collapse. Is our government willing to see us pay any price to ensure the future votes of these invaders who will no doubt be given citizenship sooner or later?

We sometimes forget that thousands of Muslims from countries which sponsor terrorism sneak into our country every year with the help of Mexico. Many of these people are learning Spanish in Venezuela and then making their way though Mexico into the US. Does this surprise anyone? Do you think that Mexico has ever been our friend? Did you know that during World War I and World War II, Mexico helped German spies cross into the US to gather intelligence about our military. We have fought several wars against Mexico, they have always stood with our enemies and you thought that Mexico was our friendly neighbor to South, a place to go on a cheap vacation. When speaking to the Mexican people the Mexican government refers to the Southwestern US as States of Mexico.

If the crime rate is too high and there are too many bank robberies, simply legalize bank robbery and presto, the crime rate goes down. You have a problem with illegal aliens over running the country, easy, make them citizens. Presto, no more illegal alien problem and you have a voting block that will keep the Democrat Party in power forever. The commitment of the Democrat Party to recruit millions of future voters from the ranks of illegal aliens can not be ignored. If we do not protect our own borders in the face of the staggering murder situation along the border, we may cease to exist as a nation.

Here is one lie that our government thinks we are stupid enough to believe. Under the BHO amnesty plan illegal aliens would be required to learn English. Does any one believe that there will be a new government agency with a million or so employees to go around tracking these people down, giving them English tests and then deporting those who do not do well enough. Does the President think that we are three year old children to believe such a fairy tale. Who would enforce such a policy. Who would deport someone for failing to learn English when we can not seem to deport people now who have false ID, stolen Social Security numbers, fail to pay taxes and are arrested for other crimes. Now we are going to deport them because they fail to learn English. How stupid does he think we are.

We really have only one hope. Bring our troops home to secure our borders instead of leaving them overseas to secure the borders of other countries. Arrest anyone who employees an illegal alien. Cut off welfare and all other tax payer financed benefits to illegal aliens. Any illegal aliens who are still here after 90 days go to jail for 6 months.
More likely BHO will give them amnesty followed by citizenship or least the right to vote. Our government will not protect our borders and the decline of our nation will be accelerated. English will become a second language. Our culture will become that of Mexico and our nation will soon be completely bankrupt. Sleeper cells will continue to sneak into our country and we will cease to have a two party system. The murder rate will climb off the charts.

It seems that all we have left to do is support candidates who will uphold the Constitution, protest, complain to our elected officials, be prepared to defend ourselves and pray for the survival of our nation. We fear that very dark days are close at hand.

PS: Do not forget to click on the site below and read the article, it is well written and informative.



Larry Mudgett is a long time Rangemaster and Instructor at Gunsite. Larry and his wife Stacey also run classes in Utah through their own school, Marksmanship Matters. Larry retired from the LAPD after nearly 35 years where he served as the Chief Firearms Instructor at the LA Police Academy for 13 years and the Chief Firearms Instructor and team member for LAPD SWAT for 14 years. Larry also served as an Infantry Light Weapons Sergeant in the First Air Cavalry in Viet Nam 1967-1968. Larry trained the first USMC Special Operations Training Group at Camp Pendleton and was an adjunct firearms and hostage rescue instructor for the DOE Central Training Academy for 10 years. He currently teaches Rifle, Carbine, Pistol, Double Action Revolver and Single Action Revolver.
Learn more at marksmanshipmatters.com.

One Response to The Southern Border Sniper Threat – Warning to all

  1. Dan

    July 15, 2010 at 12:20 am

    “Any illegal aliens who are still here after 90 days go to jail for 6 months.”


    How exactly would you plan the deportation in terms of execution, budget, resources? How would you factor in the social economic impact if done abuptly?

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