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The Best Defense Online: Handgun Selection for Women

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Mike Seeklander is at the live fire range at the US Shooting Academy to talk about handguns and training for women. This is an expanded version of the training segment on The Best Defense Episode #9, season 4. First posted on 02-22-12.

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3 Responses to The Best Defense Online: Handgun Selection for Women

  1. Joel Henderson

    February 22, 2012 at 11:24 pm


    Just wanted to say I appreciate the article on gun selection for women. I just went through this exact exercise in selecting a firearm for my girlfriend, and we did choose a revolver, but it was a steel framed .357 with a 3″ barrel loaded with .38 +Ps. I chose this based on the fact that she has limitations with mechanical processes, and like most the simplicity of the revolver made it an appropriate choice for her. I took her to the range before hand and had her fire everything from a couple of different .380s, 3 different 9mms, and even a full frame .40 that is my regular carry weapon, but remembering what to do in the case of a jam or stovepipe was more problematic than I was comfortable with, hence the revolver choice. I consider myself a bit more educated than the average “Joe” when it comes to such things so seeing your article on tv is fantastic.

    However (don’t you hate getting these?), I wanted to take up a minor case in your terminology that may cause a bit of confusion; you spoke of a difference in “caliber” being a difference in power, and while that is true in the case of a 9mm luger vs. a .40 S&W (10mm) and a .45, all the firearms in your article were of the same .38 caliber, but with different case capacities and therefore different levels of power. remember, a .380 is also referred to by the 9mm kurz name as well. Same calibers, but different power levels.

    I know I’m not telling you something you don’t know, I just want to make sure that any information that is put out is as accurate as it can be. I don’t know HOW the anti-gun folks would use this information, but (sadly) we have to get it right so that when we point out their falsehoods and discrepancies they have no “ammo” to fire back with.

    Thanks for continued good work and for teaching me thing weekly I didn’t know or think about before.

    Best Regards,

    Joel Henderson

    Houston, Tx

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  3. David N Doreen Daly

    July 4, 2012 at 1:47 pm

    Another issue that wasn’t covered is the difference in operation of the revolver vs the pistol. Typically a pistol requires a lot more training due to the potential failure modes. Also, a pistol can be more sensitive to technique which can cause stoppages (i.e. stovepipe jams, failure to feed, etc) vs a revolver. For a typical tactical situation with a typical civilian CCW, the revolver will be more available and simpler to use.

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