On Shooting Gallery: Zero to Hero w/Kyle Lamb

SG167In this episode, legendary trainer Kyle Lamb takes blogger Ron Larimer and DRTV forum member Jason Crotteau through an intensive two day training course with a carbine.

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Episode #167 – Season 13.

First aired on 03-13-13

Airtimes on Outdoor Channel: 06-12-13 at 10:30PM Eastern.

Crimson Trace * Midway USA * Ruger Firearms * Streamlight * Double Star * Stag Arms * Rock Island Armory

Episode Reference Links:

Michael Bane’s Wardrobe provided by:

Woolrich Elite Series Tactical
Rand Custom Hats

Other Reference Links:

Gunsite Academy

Kyle Lamb (Viking Tactics)

When the Balloons Go Up (Ron Larimer’s Blog)

Martini Cadet Custom built by Vic Samuel

DRTV Forum

Richard Gilliland


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