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CCW Demystified

Real-World Threat Assessment
Familiarity Breeds Competency
Pondering the Pernicious Perfidity of Pocket Pistol
Picking the Perfect POCKET PISTOL
Selecting the Pocket Pistol Holster
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Carrying a concealed weapon takes a lot more thought that one might imagine — and it's not all about the gun!
02/19/2007, 02/20/2007

"For quick trips to the convenience store or walking
the dog around your neighborhood, a pocket pistol is unsurpassed. The current crop of small framed revolvers from S&W, Ruger and Taurus as the best ever manufactured, and it's hard to go wrong. For people  like me, who generally shoot semiautos and have thousands of rounds in competition on the 1911, the most attractive option is the now discontinued Colt Mustang or the slightly larger mini .380 Government Model. Remember...SAFELY practice that pocket draw!
" — Michael Bane
NRA Annual Meeting 2009
Michael Bane, Tupelo Flash and Jim Zumbo bring you to the floor at the NRA Show in Phoenix, AZ.
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The Wall Drill is a little known drill that will improve your shooting right off the bat. George Harris, Director of Training, SIG Sauer Academy.
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DRTV and Outdoor Channel bring you the latest from SHOT Show 2009 in Orlando, Florida.
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Para USA invites the Gun Bloggers to a weekend with Todd Jarrett at Blackwater USA.
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NRA Annual Meeting 2008
DRTV is on the floor in Louisville, Kentucky for the 2008 NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits.
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Michael Bane and Tequila Shotrunner take you through the news from the floor at SHOT Show in Las Vegas 2008.
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AimPoint - The Red Dot Solution
Michael Bane invites you to learn everything you need to learn about red dot sights.
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The Ultimate Gun Test
Todd Jarrett sets a world record shooting an out of the box gun from Para USA.
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PARA 1911s
Michael Bane shows you some of the PARA 1911 guns.
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One-on-One with Todd Jarrett
Michael Bane sits down with Todd Jarrett for a chat at Blackwater USA.
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Fun with Machine Guns
The Oklahoma Full Auto Shoot & Trade Show has become a popular yearly event for machine gun enthusiasts.
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CCW Demystified
Carrying a concealed weapon takes a lot more thought that one might imagine - and it's not all about the gun!
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Ruger Rimfire Challenge
Michael Bane reports from the inaugural 2007 Ruger Rimfire Challenge.
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NCOWS attracts shooters who want to combine the shooting sports, reenactment and good old cameraderie at the range.
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Bring a Rifle to a Fight
In this DRTV exclusive series, you'll meet Erik Lund, senior instructor at the US Shooting Academy. Learn about some of the fundementals in the USSA tactical rifle class.
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Meet Bruce Gray
Despite his modesty, at time Bruce Gary has been ranked among the ten top practical shooters in the world.
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