Episode #102: Steel Challenge 2007 - Part 1
on the Outdoor Channel
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Once again the top shooters in the world duel for bragging rights and big bucks in the Steel Challenge, World Speedshooting Championship, the quest for the fastest gun alive. This year, though, there's even more pressure — the Outdoor Channel/Sig Sauer 80-Second Challenge. The first shooter to break 80 seconds overall time on the 8-stage Steel Challenge course, the equivalent of the 4-minute mile, takes home a check for $30,000, the biggest payday in the shooting sports..
Airtimes on the Outdoor Channel:
Premieres April 16, 2008
Rerun date: July 16, 2008

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Michael Bane

John Carter
Mike Long

Gene Moffett
Rob Stookey
Phil Shuyler
Paul Arias

Brad Dunn
Chris Weinland

Michael Johns
Valerie Westerfield

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