What do you think about Chinese Rear Admiral Lou Yuanu ?

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Author Topic: Chinese Admiral Says Sink US Aircraft Carriers To Solve South China Sea Tensions  (Read 871 times)


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Don't forget the subs that are in the carrier strike group to defend it.  You can take out one maybe 2 ships before all hell would break lose.  China's econ is based on export, there is zero chance we would allow that too continue.

You are absolutely correct.  I should have said ICBM/SLBM's and elaborated. 

The Chinese are all in an uproar because Trump has exposed them and they are sabre rattling.  Though we don't have the depth we did at the height of the cold war....the Chinese hierarchy would be remiss to compare us to the Chinese citizens they abuse and base their actions on that.

So I have some friends who went into China way back...late 80's I think.  All the Chinese wanted to do was steal the technology we had back then and lied about what they were doing....and failed to pay all of their bills.  This was for a Tulsa based oilfield company that provides advanced rock and fluid properties.  I suspect little has changed other than they are undoubtedly more sophisticated in how they convince the MBA's who run our companies that they aren't being made fools of.

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We'll be OK...

the Navy gets the best toys!