Author Topic: HEAR YE! HEAR YE! The Fourth Annual 1911Gunman Online Postal Match Is Here!  (Read 6127 times)


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What's that fluttering noise ?    ???
Why are banana peels falling on my roof ?   ???



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I went to the range today for the first time in ages.  Boy does it show.  But anyway, this is for charity, and I'll share my targets with you.

I'm going to send both in even though they're from the same class, they're from different guns.  That should count for something, right?


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I have received all the entries.....WOW!!!! I am reviewing all targets with:

because some of you members really can shoot
.... ;)

One category, has a textbook bullseye that cannot be denied....(We're talikin' Robin Hood split an arrow bullseye.)

One category has a simply clean and BIG hole for a grouping...

One is so tight, I need the digi caliper to split hairs with another entry.

One entry has me glad they are on our side...

I am so glad those that participated stepped up. It all goes to a great cause. Once all the targets are recorded, the entire package of targets and contributions goes to Marshal'ette, for final review and announcement of winners. (This week).

Thank you again DRTV.  But know this,......

(My targets and contributon are included)..... ::)   

Good shootin' DRTV!!!!!!!

Tom W.

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