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Handguns / Re: 10mm more than double the energy of a .45 ACP?
« Last post by les snyder on Today at 07:51:56 am »
I think some of the problem is when people start plugging values into the kinetic energy formula where the velocity is squared, and really jacks up the result .... E(k)= 1/2 mv^2      mass x velocity x velocity / 2

my source at SOCOM said the value should be closer to v to the 1.5 power... my head hurts too much when I try to use logarithms  :)
Down Range Cafe / Don't be an idiot. Don't shoot your finger off.
« Last post by jumbofrank on Today at 12:36:38 am »
What else is there to say?

Handguns / 10mm more than double the energy of a .45 ACP?
« Last post by jumbofrank on Today at 12:31:31 am »
In this review of a Les Baer Custom 10mm 1911, the staff of On Target Magazine is way off target if I'm not mistaken. They said the 10mm puts out more than twice the kinetic energy of the .45 ACP. I checked ballistics of both calibers using the same type of bullets from some of the biggest ammo companies. I didn't see more than double the energy from the 10mm with the same type of bullet from the same company.

I saw for example, the 165gr CORBON 45 Auto +P Self-Defense JHPs I have and the 10mm 165gr CORBON Self-Defense JHPs are both listed as 573 ft-lbs. The 10mm 155gr DPX has 496 ft-lbs and the 45 Auto +P 185gr DPX is 475 ft-lbs, giving the 10mm 4.4% greater power. The 45 Auto 160gr DPX, which isn't +P, has 392 ft-lbs, making the 10mm 26.5% more powerful. Nowhere near 100+%.

I saw similar figures from other ammo makers too. Comparing different types of ammo for different purposes is, unsurprisingly, a different story. When comparing totally different loads, you could say a .44 Magnum is only 5.5% more powerful than a .357 Magnum (.44 Rem Magnum 165gr CORBON Self-Defense JHP vs .357 Magnum 200gr Hard Cast). But comparing the same types of bullets, does anyone make a 10mm load that's more than double the energy of .45 ACP, standard or +P, that they also make? Or are these guys smoking crack?
Down Range Cafe / Re: Kentucky visit this weekend
« Last post by Brian Chiaravalle on Yesterday at 11:50:33 pm »
The Maker's 46 was very, very good.

Their marketing, from the very beginning of the company, impresses the Hell out of me.  It should be studied at colleges across the land.
Down Range Cafe / Re: More New Digs
« Last post by jumbofrank on Yesterday at 11:22:49 pm »
No new digs for me, but if you go to this address and zoom in all the way you can see on the satellite view a place I used to pass by. It's on a two track road on the way in to the family cabin in Northern Michigan (capital "N", way, way up north). The regular shapes on the ground are the remains of foundations from an old CCC camp built in 1933, the first one in Michigan. It took me a few decades to find out German POWs were held there during WWII. The cabin is 5 miles or so farther down the road but I can't see it anywhere. The culvert was torn out and replaced by a bridge. Then the bridge was torn out and I'm not sure exactly where the new road in starts.'01.0%22N+84%C2%B044'22.8%22W/@46.3669444,-84.7402255,165m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d46.3669444!4d-84.7396667
Down Range Cafe / Re: Kentucky visit this weekend
« Last post by jumbofrank on Yesterday at 10:19:14 pm »
Greetings from a Rebel Yell Ambassador. ;)
Down Range Cafe / Re: What .22lr Is On Your Wall?
« Last post by Rastus on Yesterday at 08:22:32 pm »
Nice.  Is that one of those fancy radar chrono's?

What size old eyes on a sideways target befuddles me...
Down Range Cafe / Re: More New Digs
« Last post by Rastus on Yesterday at 08:09:21 pm »

Had to throw a toe in for Hazcat...

Har. Har.  I had forgotten that.  Old Hazcat...he really brought some life to this board.

Now, as for that nasty toe of yours...I had to snip it out....   :o

I got some new digs of last Friday.  No water, no bikinis...not a lot of people either:,+AR+72080/@35.5677932,-92.8380811,947m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x87cdc0e1387d786d:0x1915b3532a93ea9c!8m2!3d35.5717459!4d-92.8340563

Down Range Cafe / Re: Kentucky visit this weekend
« Last post by Majer on Yesterday at 06:41:04 pm »
Howdy from one MM ambassador to another
Ambassador #624419
Down Range Cafe / Re: More New Digs
« Last post by Timothy on Yesterday at 05:47:30 pm »
How many of the 100 or so homes are lake front property?   Just to get a better "image" of the neighborhood.

Your place does look Idyllic.

There are a few hundred homes total, lakefront and a “view”.

Idyllic views and 150 ft of sea wall frontage but the house is only 700 sq ft on about 1/3 acre.

Do a satellite shot of the reservoir and you’ll see we’re in the “sticks” for a northern CT location.  I lived in CT for twenty years and didn’t know this pond existed until I found this house. 

We weren’t looking for lakefront but we got lucky..  the owner just gutted the house and rebuilt literally everything!
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